Sara Green - Owner

Sara has been an entrepreneur since she was a little girl pretending to run a store called "Booberama" out of her mother's closet. "My little sister and I would be in our own little imaginary world for hours in there. Welcoming customers to the store... putting clothes in bags and using fake receipts. Even at that age I knew exactly what I wanted women to feel when they left my store. Confident."

Sara went on to work in the beauty industry for years before she found her passion for lashes. I think it's safe to say she has found her calling. 

"Dollface is the brand. It's about enhancing your beauty without any harsh chemicals, invasive tools, or smothering makeup. The Dollhouse is the dream. It's a place for women to come and feel Pampered. And I want each and every one of them to walk out feeling confident in themselves. Their own beauty Enhanced. That's what it's all about for me."


Shanna Cigan - Manager


Quinn T - Stylist

After discovering her passion for lashing, QT hasn't stopped! At a young age, she has always been inspired by anything and everything related to art and beauty. Through her artistic abilities and attention to detail, she discovered a passion for lashing, where she is also able to express her creativity. 

As an experienced and Certified Eyelash Extension Technician, QT is able to educate and recommend the best styles suited for each of her clients. She finds it most rewarding to see her clients feeling more confident with an enhancement of a perfect set of lashes. 

As this industry is growing, QT is continuing to learn and further enhance her skills as a beauty technician.


Samantha W - Stylist

Samantha is a fun loving, enthusiastic individual with the passion and charisma for everything beauty. Samantha has always loved everything about the fashion world. From a young age she would indulge her interests by transforming her tomboyish bob into fabulous flowing locks with the help of her parents couch sleeves and dressing up in all her mother's friends shoes when ever anyone would come to visit.

As a committed young adult, Samantha attended Concepts School of Cosmetology in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she graduated with top marks in her class and has gone on to have great success in the spa industry, working at one of Canada's top 50 spas where she perfected her practice in all aspects of the beauty industry.

Her love, passion and attention to fine detail are what make her so good at her art and a committed person to the lash industry. Her easygoing personality and love of being a Lash Artist is what makes her so good at doing what she loves. She always keeps an open mind and is constantly learning and perfecting her craft.


Angela G - Stylist

Ever since Angela was a little girl, applying makeup and wearing dresses were ever so appealing to her. Looking glamorous with boas and her mothers high heels, was Angela's choice of play.

Childhood years passed, adolescent years passed and the time came for Angela to choose a career path. Branching far away from the beauty industry, Angela decided to study Childhood Education and became an elementary school teacher. Once she completed her studies and accomplished her goal, she decided that she needed a little "extra" in her life and moved to the big city. It was then that Toronto had opened quite a few doors for Angela. Angela has always been eager to always learn, however; learning things that she always enjoyed and had a particular interest in seemed extremely fascinating. This then forced her to take courses in makeup and lashes with the intentions of using these additional credentials as side jobs.

Angela has been lashing part time since 2011 within salons and her very own home. Needless to say, an opportunity of employment was presented and Angela found her niche at Dollface Beauty Bar. Waking up and going to work has a new meaning for Angela as she is not only passionate about her job and working as a part of an amazing team, but she has built strong friendships as well. Not only has teaching become a thing of her past, however; so has the GTA. Working full time as a certified lash extension specialist, has made Angela very happy and as a result of this, allows her to make every woman feel welcomed and beautiful in their own way each and every day. Angela leaves all woman with this notion "Let your eyes do the talking" dolls!


Sadie E - Stylist

Sadie has always had an artistic soul and an adventurous appetite to try anything. Her willingness and determination to take on any challenge in her way has provided her a variety of career opportunities and developed skills.

Growing up, Sadie’s mother wasn’t too keen with makeup or skincare which motivated Sadie to pursue a career in the aesthetics industry. With her mother as her ever willing model, Sadie set out to learn the ins and outs of everything aesthetics had to offer.

After a few years in the aesthetics industry, it was clear that her favourite aspect of it was lashing. Sadie loves lashing for so many reasons: the science, the math and of course the artistic element. There is always something new and exciting pushing this industry forward and Sadie is dedicated to perfecting every aspect of it.

In Sadie’s career, she found that most women didn’t believe they were “worthy” of receiving such luxury services and she is determined to change that mindset! “Beauty doesn’t have to be a 40 minute morning routine. It should fit with your lifestyle. Eyelash extensions can be an effortless way to make you feel beautiful which every woman is worthy of.”


Ella H - Stylist

Bio coming soon









Audrey S - Stylist


Our reception team is above and beyond. They will answer any and every question you have about lashes and get you in to see one of our amazing stylists at the soonest convenience. They love you all and truly care about giving you the best experience possible.